5 Questions to Ask a Residential Property Manager During an Interview


Residential Property Management Interview Questions

Finding the right person to manage your community can be a difficult task, especially if you’ve experienced a series of unsuccessful applicants or lost an employee that was amazing in the position. So how do you successfully interview a residential property manager? The first step is knowing what questions to ask and what answers to look for. Here are some helpful questions to ask when interviewing a potential property manager.

1. What qualities does a property manager need to be successful?

The answer the interviewee provides should give you a good idea what qualities this person values and possesses. It should also show you whether or not they have fully read through and understand the job description, responsibilities, and qualifications.

Sample Answer: “A property manager is a great communicator, exhibits flexibility, is detail-oriented with above-average organizational skills, and steps into all situations prepared, proactive, and professional. To be successful, a property manager should possess knowledge of the current market, strong interpersonal skills, decisiveness, and leadership skills.”

2. How would you handle a problem tenant who insists the building management is responsible for the damage in their unit?

This question will show whether the applicant can manage difficult situations without affecting occupancy or budget. As a property manager, communication is key. They must ensure residents are well aware of building rules and regulations, as well as the terms of their lease agreement. They must be able to balance their firmness and address concerns appropriately with a certain level of empathy and understanding.

Sample Answer: “Oftentimes in this situation, residents are unaware of what damages are covered by the building management. Reiterating the terms of the lease agreement and providing resources and recommendations should resolve the issue.”

3. How would you communicate with the building residents regarding updates or emergencies?

The ideal candidate would exhibit a sense of control and proactivity in the face of an emergency or urgent situation. As the property manager, they should understand that they are responsible for the safety of the residents and the property. Making sure there is a strategic plan in place is crucial, as well as written and oral communication skills.

Sample Answer: “From day one, I would coordinate with all employees in the building to make sure our team has an emergency plan in place. I would make sure that plan is thoroughly understood by each person and every new hire. I would also ensure every tenant is aware of any situation that affects their residency, safety, or quality of life. I would never leave a member of our community behind or in the dark.”

4. What practices do you use to ensure routine maintenance and upkeep?

Asking a question like this gauges the applicant’s ability to maintain routine cleaning and repair procedures that ensure the health and safety of tenants. It also shows that they are well organized, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable of property laws, all of which play a crucial part in a property manager’s role. 

Sample Answer: “I stay organized using both a planner and a digital calendar to stay on top of and track routine inspections and maintenance. When each resident moves in or out, I perform a thorough inspection of the property. This allows me to identify if any repairs are needed so I can ensure new residents will be safe and that the property meets all requirements.”

5. Are you familiar with local building codes and the fair housing laws of our state?

Knowledge of state landlord and tenant laws is vital. A property manager must also demonstrate knowledge of all the building codes and regulations put in place by the state, county, or municipality. Property managers must remain compliant with all policies and procedures while meeting the needs of the property and residents. 

Sample Answer: “My training helped me to familiarize myself well with the state and local housing laws. I regularly stay up-to-date, whether it be hands-on or through mentors, with current local and state regulation related to property management and am aware of the importance of abiding by those requirements in this industry.”

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